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WorkForce Development


We support you in your job search and training to find you employment.

We offer customized and unique services to ensure all your needs are met.

Our programs are built to provide the training and skills needed to get hired.

We are always willing to discuss how we can best help and serve you.

We are always looking for incredible people to join our team. Apply here!

About Us

About Us

All of us at Workforce Development are committed to providing you with services that promise you success. Whether you are an employer looking for workers, or a worker looking for employment, we are dedicated to fulfill your goals.

Our belief is that building a strong and stable workforce includes helping individuals to find and maintain meaningful connections to employment. We aim to connect displaced or unemployed workers to the workforce, and to build up their skills to stay connected within it.

In addition to supporting the workers, we strive to meet the needs of local and regional employers, both large and small. Collaboration with employers is a key component for us to building a work-ready pool of employees that meets current labour demands.

You actually might have heard of us before, but with a different name...

 Employment Action served job seekers with work place injuries and disabilities in Northern BC for over 25 years. 

Workforce Development is proud to build on that legacy and expand our services to  job seekers and employers across the North.

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All of us here at Workforce Development are certified professionals in our respective fields.

With over 25 years of combined experience in the Employment Services Sector, our staff has expertise in many applicable fields.

We excel in:

Program / Curriculum Design


Employer Engagement and Employee Development

Employment and Career Counselling / Case Management


Vocational Rehabilitation Services 


Customized Employment for Persons with Disabilities 


Human Resource Management


Group Facilitation 


Job Development, Retention and Recruitment 


Remote and Rural Service Delivery including Virtual and Online Training 


Certified Life Skills / Essential Skills Agency 


Registered Rehabilitation Professionals 


Skills Training, Testing and Assessment 

Our Partners

In order to provide the best services possible, we have built partnerships and collaborated with many different organizations and business across Northern BC.


Members of our staff sit on the board of Aspect, work with Work BC staff, and work contracts with organizations like Worksafe BC and WCG.


We work with and in local communities and governments to provide support to those in need from Williams Lake all the way up to Prince Rupert. Collaborating with individual communities, First Nations, and both local and provincial levels of government allows us to create unique services that are customized to the region and their needs.

Our partners also include many organizations and businesses to provide industry specific training to our clients. Working together with employing companies allows us to have an inside view as to what current employers are looking for. We continuously monitor the labor market to ensure all of out services are relevant and applicable to current needs.


Here at Workforce Development, we pride ourselves on offering high quality services throughout Northern BC, including rural and remote communities.  Whether you have been referred to us through one of our partnerships, or if you're a student in one of our workshops, the services we provide are applicable, practical, and customizable.

All the services we provide are customized and tailored to your individual needs. We meet you where you are at, and provide our services to you however you prefer. Our highly skilled staff members are up set up with technology that allows us to reach you over the phone or virtually, if we cannot meet in person.


In order to understand how we can best help you, we guide your through a number of assessments to determine your interests and skill levels. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Myers Briggs Personality Test

  • Employment Readiness Scale

  • General Aptitude Test Battery

  • Strong Interest Inventory

These assessments are not only helpful for us, they are also important for you to help  gain a better understanding of your own interests and skill levels.

Job Search Support

We work with you and potential employers to find suitable work that aligns with your needs and career dreams. 

This includes support in:

  • Resume and Cover Letter Development

  • Interviewing Skills

  • Access to employers

  • Job Placement

  • Job Market Research

This support is aimed to provide you with the skills and knowledge necessary to be successful in future job search endeavors.

Essential Skills Training

Having a grasp of essential skills is an important part of being successful in the workforce. Depending on your unique needs and skill levels, we will work with you to build up these essential skills.


Skills training includes, but is not limited to:

  • Reading

  • Writing

  • Numeracy

  • Communication

  • Computer Skills

  • Critical Thinking


These are just examples of the essential skills training we provide. We customize our approach based on your personal needs, and guide you through skill tests, exercises, and assignments.

Industry Training

We work closely with our employer and training networks to provide customized training specific to current labour market needs,  industry training demands, and client interests. The industry training we provide is comprehensive, engaging, and practical, with lots of hands on experience.

Training includes, but is not limited to:

  • Pipeline Construction

  • Environmental Monitoring

  • Industrial Site and Safety

  • Hospitality and Retail

Within each of these industries, various certificates and designations are required to successfully find work within them. We work with you and our network of employers and trainers to develop a practical and applicable training plan for you.

Vocational Rehabilitation

Workforce Development is a certified Vocational Rehabilitation service provider. Working with people who have varying disabilities, limitations, challenges, and multiple barriers to employment has been our specialty for over 25 years.

Our vocational rehabilitation program provides specific employment-related services designed to help injured workers gain, maintain, and improve skills that allow for a successful return to work. ​ If you are a person who is living with workplace injuries or other impairments, we work with you to overcome employments barriers, and assist you in making strategies to return to work.

The services offered within this program include:

 Vocational Interest and Aptitude Testing

Resume and Cover Letter Development

Job Search Support Services

Strong Interest Inventories

Job Placement Support

Career Interest Testing

And More



We rely on our skilled team to develop and design unique programs to provide our clients with success.

Our customized programs are dedicated to addressing the specific needs of our clients who come from diverse backgrounds, demographics, and experiences. All of them are offered throughout the Northern BC region, and collaborate with local businesses, governments, and organizations.


We love to work with employers, services providers, and organizations to build up the workforce, and create new opportunities across the north.


  • Interested in building a partnership to deliver one of our unique programs? 

  • Want to work with us to design a unique program for your specific needs?

Are our programs right for you?

-Are you currently unemployed?


-Are you struggling to find work?


-Have you been laid off, or displaced by your industry?


-Do you lack skills to make permanent connections within the labour market?

If you said yes to any of these questions, we can help.

 Take this 5 minute quiz to let us get to know you and your needs.

Take a look at the programs we offer...

Quest Plus Long Strip-01.png

QUEST Plus offers a program full of industry specific training and job search skills with direct access to employers.

Work Connects offers 14 weeks of customized employment services to get you job ready and connected to the workforce.

Workability Program Strip-01.png

WorkAbility is customized to your individual needs to meet your goals. From assessments to vocational counselling, we can help.



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