Work Connect

This program is specialized in moving you towards your goals through a personalized, client centered approach. We help identify why gaining or keeping employment has been difficult in the past and work with you to remove the barriers that have been in your way. This program is designed to allow us to take the time to connect with you so that we can help connect you to the workforce.

Work Connect caters to those who are unemployed and face challenges to gaining employment. You might be eligible for this program if you:

  • Have limited or no work experience

  • Have mental or physical limitations / disabilities

  • Are facing financial hardship

  • Have been displaced from your industry (due to lack of work, closures, etc)

  • Have limited training / education/skills

This 14 week program will get you ready to re-enter the workforce successfully.

This program includes...

  • Employment Counselling

    • Assessments

    • Career Decision Making

  • Training Plan Development 

    • Funded Certificate and Ticket Training

  • Essential Skills Development

    • Communication

    • Time Management

    • Problem Solving / Productive Thinking

    • Confidence Building

  • Job Search Tools

    • Resumes and Cover Letter ​Development

    • Interviewing Skills

    • Job Market Research

    • Placement and Post Placement Support

Currently accepting new students!

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QUEST Plus offers a broad range of services that is customized on a program-by-program basis. QUEST is not just about the journey, or the quest, to find success. It stands for much more:


Quality Updating & Essential Service Training

The Quest Plus program offers quality updating & essential service training, plus training in specific  industries.


The industry training included in this program has involved training in fields such as Forestry, Pipeline, Construction, and Environmental Monitoring. Each offering of this program is individually crafted to support the industry included.

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Training in this program includes collaboration with independent contractors within the labour market to provide relevant and expert skills training. Based on interactive group workshops, this program offers the opportunity to build connections with potential employers as well as future colleagues in the field.

While the industry training might change, the high quality skills and services we provide within the Quest Plus program do not.

This program includes...

  • Individualized Pre-Employment Skills Assessments  

  • Essential Skills training in Communication, Time Management, Problem Solving & Goal Setting

  • Technical Certificate training from industry specific providers.

  • Practical Field Activities

  • Industry related tickets such as First Aid Level 1, WHMIS,  and more.

  • Job Search Tools & Preparation

  • 2 Week Supported Job Search phase designed to assist participants to access training and connect with employment opportunities

  • Job Lead Sessions

  • Networking Activities and Exposure to the Current Workforce

  • Employer Follow Up Support

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The Pipeline Construction program offers all of the skills training and high quality services included in all of our QUEST Plus programs. In addition to essential skills training, job search support, and job placement, you will also receive applicable industry training.

By the end of the course, you will be certified in:

  • Pipeline Sandblasting & Coating

  • Skid Setting

  • Water Pumps and Cathodic Protection

  • SPC SP-2888 Brush Grade

  • Denso 7200  Brush Grade

  • And more

Deliver With Us

All of our programs are developed by our team of experts, and created to provide up-to-date and applicable training to our clients, as well as to provide employers with a strong and skilled workforce.

The great thing about creating our own programs is that we can customize them to meet current labour market demands, and the needs of individual communities. 

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Whether you are a rural or remote community, a local government, or a business / company, we are more than happy to build a partnership with you.

Whatever your unique needs are, we can help create, customize, and deliver a program designed specifically for you.